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  • SANS success story

    Hi everyone. I realize that I hadn't posted this in a while.. and I'd like to say that I was one of the first SANS patients here at UCSF.. where both Interstim and SANS was created.

    The best way to think of SANS is as an introductory method. Although it focuses on the same nerve bundles as Interstim, it does so without surgery. In fact, what it does is hit the nerve where it is closest to the surface of the skin.. which happens to be right above the ankle. Both SANS and Interstim use the same benchmark.. of the big toe flexing.. or the outer toes splaying out.. to show that the proper nerve is being stimulated.

    As a comparison, SANS is not invasive nor are there any reported side effects. Not even one infection. I do know of one case, though, where a patient used a TENS for an excessively long period of time.. (i.e. SANS recommends 20 minutes once a week.. she was doing hours every day despite warnings to the contrary).. and her ankle became very tender.

    Rather than costing $25,000 - $40,000.. it costs $3,000.. and I knew within ten weeks if it helped or not. ACtually, at week three I had my first two hours without pain. At week 7, I had my first day without any IC symptoms.

    Now, if it hadn't worked for me.. I would have strongly considered Interstim.. but luckily it did. It didn't cure my IC.. but it did help me get out of a very long flare. Between that, diet and using hydroxyzine, I'm nearly symptom free now.

    The hard part is that SANS is currently not available commercially... as the company has been sold and the new one isn't producing it yet. However, if you're interested, you could have your doctor contact Marshall SToller at UCSF to learn the protocol.

    For more information, you can read his chat at:


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    Hi Jill:
    Thanks for sharing your story, it is so nice to hear about the SANS procedure too..
    I am just so happy you are having great results with the SANS procedure....
    That is great to hear some good news on this too !!!

    ~~~Hugs Debbie~~~
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Glad to hear that this is working for you Jill! I know there has been alot of hot debates here with people saying this board is dealing with the interstim all the time and not talking about the SANS. I think you made a great point that I think alot of people don't understand. The SANS is a very new procedure and isn't available as widely as the Interstim is. I know I hadn't even heard of the SANS until a few days before my interstim surgery. Would I have tried it before if I had the chance? OFCOURSE, having things inserted to say in my body is not something that I wanted to do but at the time it was the only thing left to try. I think the SANS is wonderful in that it's done without surgery. I certainly would try it before the interstim and am really excited to see it working around in doc's chats now!