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    Hello everyone!
    My Interstim surgery is on this Monday morning.(February 5th)
    I am getting kinda scared.
    Can anyone tell me what to expect?
    My Dr wants me to stay overnight at the hospital. I would love to hear from anyone who has had this surgery.

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    Hi Nicole:
    I know you are scared,as all us were when we went for the surgery, I have my InterStim Implant now for almost two years..
    It is really not that bad of a surgery at all, you are sore on the back for awhile, I would ask for some medication so you are so sick from the anaesthetic, I was really sick from that, but they have medication you can ask for ,just mention this to your doctor or anaesthetist before you go under..
    I was in for two night when I had my surgery.
    I was doing light housework the second week and out driving the third week..
    We all are so different in the way we heal too.
    I was not in to much pain, just really sore on the back that is all..
    I think the surgery is alot better then the InterStim trial was ..
    Any more questions ,please ask away that is why we are here ok..
    Good luck and please keep us posted on how you are doing ok Nicole !!
    Soon to be a new bionic sister!!!

    Hugs Debbie

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    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Best of luck tomorrow! The surgery is not bad. I even climbed over the bed rails 10 hours after. (NOT recommended, but it was a mentally necessary since the nurses were not available). You will be stiff and sore. I was more comfortable sleeping sitting up in the lazy boy chair the first few nights with pillows packed all around me. Take care Maureen


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        Good luck to you! I will say some prayers that it goes super easy for you. I would also recommmend that you insist on some meds for nausea. If you have to lie, tell them you always get sick and throw up, that way they will give them to you. I would not sign the anesthesia consent until they agreed to give them to me. I had surgery in August where I really got nauseous. Then I just had Implant surgery on Jan. 12th and the meds really helped me. This surgery was much better than the will be sore but the pain meds should help. The main thing is laying comfortably so you're not on your butt.

        We are all with you on this!


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          I had my surgery done at 12:30 in the afternoon and discharged from the hospital at 9:00 am the following morning. To me, this was not long enough but I guess the doc thought it was safe because we were staying at a hotel room that was connected to the hospital. I had the surgrey on a Tuesday and by Saturday we were out doing things like going to the movie and etc. I went back to work about 2 and 1/2 weeks after having the surgery. I'm a teacher and that's when school started. I was told though to not exercise for 12 weeks but the amount of time I think was because I had it done so far away. It was much easier than I thought it would be. They turned the stim on the following Friday after the surgery and I was voiding within 3 hours. A couple of things that I wish I knew before surgery though:

          1) Make sure that you have pain meds after they take the stiches out. I really didn't think I needed them (9 days after the surgery) but the doc insisted. BOY was I glad because I was MAJOR TIME sore.

          2) In the future there will be times that you can't void if your problem is retention. I thought I would NEVER have to cath and when I got a bad infection and a kidney stone it really scared me until I found out this was normal.


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            I had my surgery Feb 20th, 2000. It's natural to be scared. I honestly can say that it wasn't a bad experience. I stayed 1 night in the hospital. I was given as much pain medication as I needed to keep it under control.

            After about 3 days I walked over to my neighbors house and visited with her.
            I planned to be out of work for 4 weeks, but I ended up going back after only 2 weeks.

            Good Luck and remember to take it easy during your recuperation.


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              Thank you all for responding!
              I now have a positive outlook on things. I am off to the hospital........... I will keep you all posted. Thanks again.


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                I've been out of town, so I'm sorry I am getting to this too late, but just so you have some more feedback when you return.... I had a great experience with the surgery. I didn't stay over at all. Went in in the morning and was released late that afternoon. There was a shortage of wheelchairs, so I walked out of the hospital without much problem. My doctor told me I could drive 3 days later, but since my parents were here taking care of me, I chose not to until a few days later. I really had no pain at all and never took any pain meds. My surgery was on December 22, 2000 and I'm still waiting for the darn thing to work, but after you recover patience is all you need from that point on.

                I hope everything went well and please keep us posted on your progress.


                PS: I just had my first airport experience since my surgery and had no problem with the security detectors :-).


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                  My Dr. suggest Interstim. Does this affect bowel functin? I have adhesions in my colon that cause me a lot of problems with constipation. Any one know? Also is chronic lower back pain common with IC? Rose