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  • PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you are posting regarding the interstim trial, tell us and those who are questioning this procdure WHICH trial you had done. Did you have the original trial, where you are awake with your butt bare to the dr's with only lidocaine to numb the area, talking to the dr telling him what sensation you are having as he tests different spots in the sacral nerve...then you go home for 5 days, are told you can not bathe or bend because you could pull the wires out (this procedure is not even done in the operating room) OR the staged trial which is actual surgery and they make a 3-4 inch incision at the end of your tail bone (my uro makes to because he said you can better see the sacral nerve) have a wire running out of the cheek of your fanny and go for about 1 1/2 weeks trying different adjustments to see if the trial is a sucess. IF YOU HAVE THE STAGED TRIAL and the test is not a sucess, you will be left with these scars on your fanny for the rest of your life. (This procedure is done in the surgery room) With the original trial, if it was a failure, there was no harm, no foul to live with!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE if you are going to share your experience, share the whole thing. We, each and everyone of us, are responsible for educating each other. We can not rely on our dr's or well meaning friend and relatives.....WE have got to have walked in the shoes but we need to know which feet are in those shoes, the 'ORIGINAL' trial OR the 'STAGED' trial.

    I have had both so I can't give you all the the tecnical mombo jumbo but I sure can share the difference in the procedures!!!!!
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