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Nerve pain over generator

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  • Nerve pain over generator

    I had my interstim put in on July 17. My generator site felt fine in 1 week however my leads must had moved during surgery and I could never get the same sensation so I elected to go back in on Sept 11 and have the lead revised well as my luck goes the generation must have gotten wet or something during surgery and it had to be completely replaced.

    It has only been 1 week post op. I am having numbness on the outside of my hip and upper thigh not the whole area just parts. It feels like when the dentist gives you a shot and your cheek in numb. I had the same numbness around my incision with the 1st surgery but not down my outter thigh

    When I put pressure on the incision and aprox 1 inch all the way around it it feels like pins and needles. Like when your foots asleep but the most AWFUL part is when I sit and move a certian way I have this horriable hot, seering, burning pain that runs into my hip. It brings tears to my eyes and takes my breath away. I quickly change positions and it feels better. I am so scared because I never know when it will come.

    Has any one eles had this. I do not know if maybe they nicked a nerve during surgery or if here was just more trauma and swelling this time due to the 1st generator having to be removed or if the new generator is sitting on a nerve.

    I am at my wits end!!! I will just die if I have to have another surgery. Thanks for yoru imput.Oh my interstim is off so I know that is not the problem.

    Kelly frown

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    Hi, I do not have any of these problems but you MUST contact your doctor and tell him these problems and also contact your medtronics rep. If the symptoms do not go away when the device is off, then the nerves are being irritated by the implant/and or the electrodes. I hope that helps!
    Tina C. blink


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      I see my doctor on Monday


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        sorry i missed your post, please tell us what your doctor said.
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