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  • Chiro. to the rescue

    Mine back was out for 4 days. I would stand up and you would have thought someone had stabbed me in the right side. It didn't happen everytime I stood or took a step which was weird. By last night I was in tears. I had even taken the day off work which I never do. I felt like a pain producing machine. I cracked a bone in my foot 4 weeks ago and it still hurts. I have torn the rotator cuff in my shoulder and it was on fire. And then the back.
    Saw the chiropractor last night and he said my pelvis was out. He was a little worried it was the interstim causing the problem but so far so good. I have been having to visit him every week since the operation. He finally graduated me back up to two weeks but I didn't make it. He has been great and has not charged me for any of the extra visits. They have amounted to almost $300.
    I never used to believe in chiro. but I sure do this morning. Even my shoulder is feeling better. Take care!

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    Hi Maureen :
    So sorry to hear about your back and shoulder and your foot.
    You sure are in bad shape Maureen..
    I hope you feel better for the Christmas holidays too!!
    Please take care of yourself ok!!


    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!