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Any help with pain with Interstim???

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  • Any help with pain with Interstim???

    Wondering if any of you that has success stories using Interstim also have significant pain relief. Pain and urgency are my main symtpoms but in my uros opinion I have "failed all treatments" and he would like me to try Interstim to see if it helps with the pain? any results in pain with any of you?

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    My pain has decreased with the interstim but it has not gone away.


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      I don't know where all these doctors are getting this information but Metronics company specifically states that the interstim is NOT for pain management. I don't mean to sound harsh here but I would HATE for you to go through the surgery or even the trial thinking it was going to help with the pain only to be once again disappointed. The interstim is FDA approved for urgency/frequency/retention any of these problems. Now if your urgency/frequency is very intense and alot it may help with it. Best of luck with whatever you decide. Have you checked out the other boards? I know Diane posted recently (within the last month) a new procedure that is getting pretty good results. I think it's posted in the information and announcement section. It is suppose to help with the pain.


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        I owe the success of this wedding to Dr. Friedman, my urologist in MA. He put the interstim into my body in March. Everyday seems to get better and better. I can now drive to NY (6.5 hour drive) and only have to stop twice instead of every 30-60 minutes! I didn't have to go during my photography sessions at the wedding which were extremely tedious and stressful. I made it 6.5 hours with out going. I held it for pictures before the ceremony, the entire ceremony, the recieving line, (250 people) and for pictures after the ceremony. The photographer was on a time schedule, so it would have sucked for me to have to run to the bathroom every hour. I fully enjoyed my wedding and my honeymoon! The Interstim has truely saved my life! I feel like "normal" again. I still have flares but they are nothing compared to what they used to be. I have severe IC, we tried everything, the interstim was our last stop. I can't tell you all how incredibly happy I have been the last few months. I only hope that this will continue and that it will help others! I'm happy with the results so far. I can go up to 3 hours at work now and at home I can go up to 6.5 hours. This is an unbelievable miracle! If it stays this way, I'm perfectly happy, if it get's better that's just more of a miracle! I still have severe pain at night time but during the day, I'm pretty much pain free.