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I am continuing to improve...

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  • I am continuing to improve...

    I am continuing to improve each day. I have not been having much trouble at all with having the urge to urinate and not being able to go--- my most sever symptom. The last week I have been in the bathroom about ten times a day and have urinated each time.

    I have also been able to do two things I was not able to do before. Yesterday, I went to a movie (and sat through it--- I did have to get up twice to urinate, though when I did, once again, I urinated). Also, I went to Buddy's Pizza (those in Michigan know it--- really good food) and ate two things that I have not eaten in almost a year--- pizza and homemade macaroni and cheese. This was not something that I ate all of the time before I became sick, though, it is the thing I missed the most. My pain (which has greatly lessened with the implant) did not increase after this meal--- it sure would have before.

    I still have pain, though it is much better. I am in the proccess of reducing the Hydrocodone slowly, hoping to completely stop it, and have stopped the Ditropan XL. I also have went from taking Hydroxyzine (75 mg.) nightly, to once a week. I am having a hard week adjusting to the changes, though in the end, I am hoping to have increased energy--- something I have not had in months.

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    Amanda, I am soooo happy for you!!! I have thought about you so much since you had the implant and have been praying it would be a success.


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      That's wonderful, I am so happy for you! and macaroni and cheese! I am soooo jealous... Every little thing is worth celebrating. What movie did you see?
      I'll be thinking about you and I hope everything continues to go well.


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        I actually saw Pearl Harbor--- all three and a half hours!

        The movie theatre by my house has 30 screens and is brand new. The seats have arms that fold up; therefore, if you sit in the back row you can fold them up and lay down--- which I did.

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          That's great Amanda! I remember who excited I was when I went to my first hockey game and didn't use that bathroom at all
          Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".