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My cheek hurts and I'm getting reprogrammed

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    Hey Jess, good luck with your programming. I have the same problem with my interstim. I often feel the stimulation in my foot. Just make sure that when they reprogram you that you try laying down, sitting, and standing so that you can see where the stimulation is in all positions. Then maybe they can get it programmed so that it doesn't go into your feet at all. Again, Good Luck. grouphug
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      Thanks everyone!

      Well I didn't get it Thursday cuz the jeep was making a funny noise and the uro is 70-80 miles away, so we didn't want to get that far and have the Jeep break down. So this upcoming Friday I go--and I just cannot wait!!!!!

      Thanks for all the great info, I will definitely keep all that in mind!

      Hugs and love,
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        hi Jess,
        Reprogramming is a piece of cake!!!
        You will feel tingling sensations and if it gets too uncomfortable then you just tell the nurse or whoever is doing it. As far as being uncomfortable when sitting, I treated myself to a memory foam pillow. They are a bit expensive but it is like sitting on a cloud! And after all: aren't you worth it ! You will get alot of use out of it.
        Good luck and keep in touch!
        Tina C. hi