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so how high and I supposed to be stimulating myself???

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  • so how high and I supposed to be stimulating myself???

    So are you supposed to keep it as high as you absolutely can or as low enough to feel it in order to make the frequency and urgency stop. I have been trying all day at a level 4 wich is all I can possibly stand!!! And I'm back to my normal frequency, every hour!!!!!!!!! SIGHHHHHHHHH just another damn treatment on my list of failures!!!!!


    Should I be keeping it at the lowest setting I can feel which is a 2???? I know you have all experimented with this thing so bring on your experiences....I need to learn from you.

    Please Help


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    I would not be putting it up unless you are not feeling any stimulations.
    If 4 is to high,leave it down...
    Just leave it at the lower setting if you are feeling it there..
    Just hang in there Kara.
    If you are getting so stress out that will have alot of effect on your frequency and urgency, I really believe this !!!

    Hugs: Debbie
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Yes I say the same as Debbie Stressing out can make it worse BELEIVE ME I stress out alot and then the frq/urg is there and I sometimes get the "bladder burn" again My frq/urg has calmed down since the operation. I found it has just started to in the last while and my operation was 6 moths ago. Don't go too highwith the remote(might get a perm lol) no really only to you just barely feel it is what I do when I have to adjust mine