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Updated on my InterStim trial?

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  • Updated on my InterStim trial?


    Just want to update you about my InterStim trial. The numbness on my left hand fingers are gone. Thank God that I can type now. I peed 12 times yesterday and 11 times the day before yesterday. It is not as good as I expected, but well, I am grateful. (I used to go around 16-20 times on average days. However bad days are more than average days).

    I know InterStim is not for pain, howevery I still did a test to see if this treatment helps my bladder pain. I took a Vitamin C tablet last night before going to bed. In the past, the tablet would give me bladder pain 10 minutes after it melted on my tongue. But yesteray, I only had a tiny feeling on my right bladder. It was amazing that the tablet didn't give me any hard time like it used to do. I have to make myself clear that I am not a pain ic patient cause I have being following a strict diet. I only had bladder pain on my right side when I ate acid food (Vitamin C is one of the kind, and there are a lot out there I am too scared to put into my mouth). Even the InterStim helps my pain, I won't put the acid food into my diet. I guess after having had IC for 9 years, I am used to the diet.

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    Hi Peiti--

    Sounds like you are having some success with the Interstim! How wonderful! I, too, am in that margin of people helped with pain...but I also have to stay away from acidic foods.

    Hugs and love,
    Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!