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  • Medication

    I went for my check up this week and was given a Rx for Detrol. I wondered if anyone else that had the interstim was still having to taking any of the bladder medications.

    (I know some of you are still on pain meds because the interstim doesn't work wonders for IC pain.)

    I am a little hesitant about taking it because I had a rotten time with side effects the first time around.

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    I took levbid until about 3 months after I had the interstim put in. I do occasionally take it now, but not on a regular basis.


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      Hi Maureen, I still take medications. I had my interstin implant last April. When it is working right I can go for hours with out a bathroom stop. I still have some days with the urgency, so I take Tofranil. I believe for me stress plays a big part with my IC.
      Carolym B


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        I don't to any meds


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          Hi Maureen:
          I have never taken any medication with the InterStim , only when I have a bladder infection and I have not had any of them for
          a long , long time too.
          I go see Dr.Hassouna on April 23,can you believe it will be two year since I had the InterStim on Apirl 20th....

          Hugs Debbie
          Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!