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    Hi everyone,
    I have been on this a few times now and I wish I would of realized how easy it was to find a person like myself who had Interstitial Cystistis. In the six years I am just now talking with others about this condition.
    I am bringing good news for some. I have been working with my pain specilist on my stimulator. I also have a interview with Medtronic on Thurs. morning about my device. I am learning more and more and excited that Medtronics is helping the neurostem reach more of our pain area. My Doctor is doing the study for Medtronics and trying to get this device approved for I.C. It is almost the same as the interstem but reaches the pain in our bladder much better. As to date nether Device is approved for I.C. I have had my device for a year now with wonderful results. I guess it can be all in the lead placement and coverage. My bladder pain was my main complant and then urgency and frequency. I am glad I had a choice to have the interstem or my device that is almost the same system the Synergy neurostem. I will let you know how the interview goes with Medtronics. God Bless and I pray your feeling well today.

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    Are you a rep for medtronics? Synergy neurostem and interstim must be different and so would the pain device. What exactly is Synergy neurostem, I haven't heard of this one and I am interested in learning more I don't recall running across it on the medtronics sight. I know that the interstim is not for pain but really has helped a lot with it, it did help with my urgency pain, and I am glad your pain device helped with urgency and frequency, as they say it dose not help bladder problems just pain. thanks for the update.
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        Dear Brat and all that are interested,
        I am not a rep. for medtronics. I am doing a interview about my device. You can find this device the synergy neurostem under the pain area not urology. It has a picture if you look under pain management, I believe. I clicked on the physicians site. Anyways this device is used for pain and since the leads are placed different it can and does cover alot of my bladder pain. I have written Medtronics and they explained that nether devices have been approved for I.C. as of yet. Medtronics is trying to help see what device would work best for I.C. The Synergy neurostem can cover almost all of our areas of pain. My doctor is also listed under the pain area on the Medtronics Website. I hope this answeres your questions. I do know this is simular to the interstem it is mainly the placement of the two leads that is very different. I am confuessed by how your leads are placed, but I hope to learn more this week. I am excited to do this interview with Medtronics. I feel for myself the interstem might not of given me the relief I needed with still having the same bladder pain. You can also write to medtronics, because I did and the got back to me really fast. Take care and my God richly bless you during this Holiday season. Thank you for all the information I have learned already. Take care.