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Pregnancy and Interstim?

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  • Pregnancy and Interstim?

    Ok so I got the scary booklet that they sent out and I saw that they put the interstim in this person's abdomen????? I am only 24 and plan to have kids so they can't put it in my abdomen. I only weigh 85lbs so there is not many places for them to put it but I know for sure that someone plannning on having babies should not have it implanted there!

    Do any of you know if we can have children with the interstim??? I sked my doc and he said yes but that is not what the booklet said. It said that it had not been tested on pregnant women yet????

    If you know about this please let me know because maybe I should not be getting this done if I can't have kids with it?


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    Hi Kara:
    My InterStim Implant is placed on the right side of my back over my butt area....
    I never heard that you could not have children because of having the InterStim Implant put in..
    I know along time ago they were doing the InterStim Implant in the front area, but I think they had problems with placing it there..
    I have not heard anyone on the board with the InterStim Implant that could not have children..
    I hope this helps abit with your questions Kara..
    Hugs Debbie

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Believe me, this was a concern for me before I considered this surgery. My doctor said that there is absolutely no danger in getting pregnant. If anything, it may be possible that you may need to turn it off during pregnancy, but you should have no problem, conceiving, carrying and giving birth at all.



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        That was one of my questions before making the final decision. I was told that I would only need to turn the stimulator off for the duration of the pregnancy.

        As for the implant location it's placed in the buttock area. I believe that some time ago they did place them in the abdomen. I have not heard of anyone here that has had it placed anywhere else but in their buttock area.

        Take care!!