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I am sooooo scared for the surgery!

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  • MaryFitz

    I felt the same way about canceling, up until the night before. I'm glad I went through with it though.

    My stitches were internal, so they did not have to be removed. They absorbed away.

    As for the nausea, I'm with Judy on that. Let the anethesiologist (spelling?) know before about your concerns.

    And you're entitled to have a bad mood once in while, just remember to let it out. Vent it out here if you'd like. We've all been there.

    Smiles and hugs


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  • DebbieB
    Hi Kara:
    It is really not that bad of surgery at all, I know you are scared, it is only natural to be scared..
    I guess the more you think of it , you get scared, but you will be ok Kara!!!
    I had stitches,but they did not have to be removed, they disolved on their own.
    Kara,it is the nerves working on you ,that is making you worry about the surgery and catheter too!!

    Hugs Debbie

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  • JudyK
    Kara, I know the feeling, I had my surgery last Sept. 2000, and everything went fine. Don't worry about the cath, the nurse probably does many of these a day. If you can relax at the time, it makes it alot easier. Just tell them that you get sick when you are put to sleep, (I do the same thing), so I told the doctor and he gave me something to counteract that. No problem!!!
    I had stitches, and it did not hurt when the doctor took them out. I did not even feel them. Everything will be o.k. Just think good thoughts. May God bless you...Judy

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  • ICNDonna
    Kara, it is absolutely normal to be scared when you're going to have surgery. I know I always am.

    Sending warm hugs,

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic I am sooooo scared for the surgery!

    I am sooooo scared for the surgery!

    Hi All,

    Last night I began to get the jitters about my implant scheduled for March 9th. I am feeling like I want to cancel it! I am afraid I won't wake up! I've been down before but only for an hour.

    I am scared of throwing up I am scared of the cath that I know can't be avoided.

    Do you have stitches and do they have to be removed?

    I was in a horrible mood last night and my fiance told me he was just as scared as I! My mom is scared! I need some support here and everyone around me is scared!

    Can any of you tell me something that will make me feel a little more at ease???

    Love and Hugs to all of you