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I did contact Medtronic

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  • I did contact Medtronic

    PS I did contact Medtronic about all of this and they were very understanding and very professional. This was only done via e-mail at this point, but they wanted as much info as to what happened as possible. They did acknowledge that my experience WAS NOT NORMAL. I am not sure how to take that! I did ask them to increase dr education about IC and do more "in-service" training to health care personnel regarding IC.

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    LauraRN, I would like to contact Medtronics concerning the nerve stimulator. Would you please tell me how you contacted them? You can answer to [email protected] Thanks for your help. Happy Holidays! Gentle Hugs, Tx-Brenda.


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      Tex-Brenda, you can go to the web site at :
      The Medtronic phone number is 1-800-664-5111 ext.3000.
      I hope this will help you !!

      Hugs Debbie
      Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!