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  • Massage

    Has anyone ever had massage therapy with Interstim in their backside? Do you have them avoid the lower back? Unfortunately my lower back is where most of my discomfort is.

    Can they accidntly "rub" the wires out of position, or am I just neurotic?

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    I told my massagist to avoid my lower back, as you, is where I really wanted to have massaged!, but try to avoid it, you never know if he/she does it to strong that your lead can move...


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      That is a good question. My personal opinion would be that I would doubt a massage therapist could do any more harm than normal living. I do go to a chiropractor. I decided that I was more comfortable having my lower back adjusted with a clicker. Medtronic's said that chiro. adjustments was not a concern so maybe you would want to contact them for an opinion about the massage therapist.
      I actually feel that the chiro. adjustments are keeping my back in a good position to send the interstim signals up.