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Difficulties before success

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  • Difficulties before success

    I have not had the time to respond to a lot of the interstim posts, so I am going to share my story.
    On May 8, 2000 I had my surgery to implant everything. I had done a very successful trial in Feb.2000, and then had to wait for surgery. Two weeks before my interstim surgery I had my gallbladder removed and I had also developed pancreatitis.
    After surgery, on about May 12 I was activated. I was really too sore to know if it was going to work, but the appt. also brought the news that I had developed a post op infection within cm. of the device, due to a nurse giving me a shot in the wrong place. So I was put on two antiobiotics, and it still did not clear up. On Mother's Day I was admitted to the hospital for IV antiobiotics, and discovered how to have a life threatening allergic reaction. Fortunally, the infection got under control without the need for surgery. For about two months after surgery I was having tune-ups weekly, and it was not going well. The stimulation would be in my foot, be uncomfortable, and it just did not work. Around August, things were finally settling down, but I recall stopping at the doctors to get a tuneup on my way to college. In all, before the settings were working a little bit, i had (i think) over fifteen adjustments. During the fall semester at college I was adjusted about every three to four weeks. My last adjustment was on Dec. 28, 2000 and it has worked well ever since. I only get up once/twice at night and can now make it through class without having to go to the bathroom. Even with my other medical problems, being liberated from the bathroom has given me my life back. I am in college, feel horrible, but i am working hard to stay in. Also, i had blood in my urine for several years, and now it has cleared completely. Finally, at the age of 19 my bladder is under control. If only the rest of my body would cooperate---mainly my mastocytosis.
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    That's just wonderful to hear !!!
    I know it take alot of girls a bit of time to get the adjustments to where we need them to work...

    It is so hard as I know over the two years of seeing many girls come and go off these boards that have had their InterStim done and have not had that much problems and go on with their life..
    I try to keep in contact with some of them to come back and share their stories of how it is going for them...
    Also there are others who had nothing but problems and had to have the Implant removed and I think it is a good source for other to know of this problem, I do know one girl I do e-mail for her to come back and share her experience with us..I do not think we should be afriad to post about the problems we had,it is good for other to know..

    Meghan I thank you so much for sharing your story as it sure helps the new girls posting that had it done or are going through trial..
    I am sorry you are having other health problen and sure hope that will get better for you Meghan...

    I think the most important thing we got to tell these girls that this procedure does not work for you overnight and takes lot of time for some and less for others..
    All us are so different in how we handle the Implant !!!

    I am so thankful to you to share your story Meghan and please come back to share your story with others as it is so wonderful to share our experience with other new girls going through this procedure.

    Take care Meghan and all the best to you too!!

    Tender Hugs: ~~~Debbie~~~

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Thanks so much for posting this--it helps put alot of thing in perspective. And it help with what to expect out of the device.
      Many Warm Hugs,

      PS Did yu ever get that PDF file re: Gluten Free diet--I keep forgetting to ask.
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        Meghan, you are a true hero. In spite of all you've been through and still are going through, you still find time to offer help to others.

        Stay safe

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          [{{{{Meghan}}}}} You have been such a special person here on the ICN and it's so great to hear that something is finally going well for you
          tons of hugs and respect~teri
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