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  • lead moved?

    I have the interstim, do you know if it can move out of place after 9 months? I help lift a 50 pounds luggage (it was not that much that I lifted!) and I feel a little different (in a different place) the stimulation... I"M VERY SCARED, do you think it can move after all those months after surgery?

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    Hi lucia,

    I would just think that you need to have it adjusted.
    It could of been the way you lifted that may have change the setting a bit.
    I have had my InterStim over four years and I had many adjustments from time to time thinking that what I had done may have moved it to..

    Hang in there lucia.

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      i'M SCARED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!
      I'll call my doctor, but I asked him after surgery that if I was able to lift things etc... and he told me that it is imposible that the lead can move after 2 months after surgery...

      so you think that it can't move?


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        Hi Lucia,
        I think it may be possible it moved if you lifted that much...but I have no idea what size person you are with how much strength.

        If I go to the gym I can do seated cable rows and assisted squats with in and arounds 80lbs at a time. But if you lifted it improperly or put any kind of strain on your lower back, it could be that muscles are sliding over the stimulated area differently (b/c they've shifted) . This could account for feeling the stimulation in a different spot than you normally would.

        If you are really concerned by all means, request an xray to see if the lead has moved--especially if the device isn't working for you in a positve manner.

        I hope you find an answer soon!
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          don't be scared you probably need to be reprogrammed...... I had my interstim in 4/16 and got re-programed 5/13..... Every so often you may have to do that and its normal... as long as you have no pain, and its workong I think there is miminal concern, what did your doctor say?
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            I'm thinking about the interstim...
            but it scares me... can the lead move as easy as that?