My Uro wants me to continue taking the Celexa. He says that it's a GREAT Med for depression. He put me on a catheter for 4 weeks starting today, so he hopes that my bladder will adjust to the med while the catheter is still in. He also wants me to keep taking the Neurontin because it was great for my pain, even though it caused urgency and frequency, and retention, just like the celexa, He says he wants us to fix my depression first, and then we can go back to tackling with the bladder. Now that I have time off of work, we can play around like this.

He plans to work around these meds by doing another Interstim adjustment, and then if that does not work, he will go back and move my lead to it's original spot because it has moved slightly.

So he's with my other doctors in fixing my depression and suicidal thoughts and then he plans to go back to the bladder. The catheter will be in for 4 weeks, I hope that gives it some time to adjust to these meds. Maybe it's just a matter of introducing a new med to the bladder, it seems as though my reactions to it are imediate within a day or 2 of taking the new med, weather it be a pain med, an antidepressant, and or any other med that goes into my mouth..........


At least my Uro is now listening to my concerns regarding not wanting to be alive anymore!