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Interstim causing pain?

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  • Interstim causing pain?

    Can anyone tell me how to find out if the leads from my interstim is causing me to have pain? Is there a way to know definitely if it is the interstim? I have had so much more pain since having my implant six weeks ago, and I feel as if the doctor doesn't believe me. He just keeps trying to reprogram it and so far I keep hurting more and more. Please help!

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    I'd turn it off until your next appt and see if you can see any difference in your amt of pain.
    Until a dr has one of these hooked to their fannies, it's easy for them to say "well, it can't be hurting there". Mine is off AGAIN. We just can't seem to get me out of the retention mode I'm in [img]rolleyes.gif[/img] Seems like I have to take my body in for mre tune-ups than my car [img]wink.gif[/img]
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      That is the same thing that happened to me and I was in such pain I was doubled over with it...the doc did the same and programed it constantly. I thought he knew so I let him program for months while he vacationed in Vail and Aspen in between.
      Glad I could help him make those trips from Denver to the resorts. Finally months later and a revision later I turned it off to see....and the pain I was having with the ic went away...the spine,generator site did was too late by then.
      I would turn it off and leave it off and see if that pain goes away.
      Yes every doc that does these needs to have one for himself.....shoot they are testing on us so why not try it out for themselves then they will know that we all over this nation are not lying when we say what it is doing......great idea all docs should try it.