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    I honestly think it is time to lock all the Interstim thread and forums for awhile. No one should ever ever get to the point that they are emotionally stressed to that point over opions. If you are thinking thoughts like I have read you really need to seek professional help. Opions are just that "opions" and no one needs to work themselves up over that.


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      Yes, Patricia I do know what it is like to run to those appointments and to drive constantly to get there also. I had to travel two hours for me and it did get old. I had constant reprogrammings also and that got old. I do understand where you are coming from and if you feel fine with taking a break from all of that then do so. The trips and appointments alone wear you out. I hope you can find something enjoyable for now and help give yourself that break from all of that.
      I know your weather is kind of hot down there too as my friend lives there too where you are. We are having hot weather also and need some rain real bad. I do not know what you do for sure for fun or what your hobbies might be. I know when I got real fed up with my problems with interstim and appointments I tried to do some of those things to break the all the time dealing with interstim. Let me know what you like to do and so on and we can chat on that one too. Whatever helps you for now will be worth the time.
      I hope you have a good day too,
      God bless you,


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        Wow Leslye, I know exactly what your talking about and your friend. I do not know if you got it all worked out for you. I hope you did. As those added pains to the body really wear on you. I have the Fibro, IBS, Migraines and so many things added besides my IC..and so when you get extra pain also from the interstim it is very discouraging and when you did not get the results you had hoped for I am sure you were really brokenhearted. I am sorry you have all of that to deal with and hope it all works out for you real soon. Just know that your not alone in those problems and others have experienced them also. It will get better. I definately know it is hard when going through it and it seems like it is never going to end. I hope you too have a good day today and get some relief from all you deal with also.
        God bless you,


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          I dont thinking locking them up is going to help. If you think about it people come here looking for advice on the Interstim and locking up all the boards of the Interstim is doing a dis-service to them. I wish that when I was doing my research that I had that we have now about the Interstim it needs to be out there. And like you said opions are just that opions. But it can be hard not to take what someone says to heart, I have a few times, but now I dont because all I want to do is tell my story and if it offends anyone so be it. Just like your story I am so proud and happy for you, because I know how bad it was after you had your little one and I am happy it gave you your life back. That needs to be told, dont you agree. It is something postive about it, but I also feel for the others and feel that their stories are just as important.

          We just need to be there for one another, because having IC is hard enough to deal with, with drs not knowing what they are doing to families not showing enought support. But also with us ICers who have had the interstim good or bad need to be there for one another and show support and love for one another..
          God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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            Hi everyone. Well, hmmm.... hmmmm... hmmmmmm. Okay... I don't know my "posting rules" message has become a discussion topic... but I'm actually going to close it... because I want you to post seperate, new messages instead.

            Let's just remind each other, yet again, that none of us has the right to JUDGE anyone else in this forum, nor should we ever question their experience. We don't live in their shoes. We haven't carried their burdens. We haven't sat in those doctors offices with them. Thus, we have no role nor responsibility nor right to question anyone elses experience. Please give everyone the space to discuss their failures... without making them feel like they have to justify it. WE can't justify accidents... nor can we justify a device or surgery that doesn't work as it was intended.

            No guilts EVER please!

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