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SCS Failure Report to FDA?

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  • SCS Failure Report to FDA?

    Jill, I had a spinal cord stimulator that did not work for me, it only gave me all sorts of complications. Do you feel I should report this to the FDA also? I have read on this board a few success stories, but also some failures. Would appreciate your advice. Sending gentle hugs, Tx-Brenda

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    Yes, You need to report it to the FDA. All of these complaints can help other ICers down the road. Unless people report things that have happened to them, the problems will more than likely cause other other ICers to experience the same effects.



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      Yes, I think that you should. It's important that the FDA has the "full" picture about the effectiveness of these devices as they apply to our situations. And you have the chance of adding vital knowledge to research.. and to help other patients too. It's soooo important.

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