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This is terrible!!!.....

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  • This is terrible!!!.....

    Sorry folks I have to be heard on this one! I would like to see "Nerve Stimulation" as one board only again. No other boards are posted as postive or negative.

    Also, the last thing I want to consider myself is a 'failure'. I think too many of us already have self esteem issues due to IC we already see ourselves as "broken", and lacking worth, love and respect. I don't need to be reminded I every time I come to a place I should consider a "safe haven".

    Please reconsider this decision of splitting the boards. This negative board idea just leaves a bad taste in my mouth--I think there are others who would agree. I think this idea is a 'lemon' in my book.

    Thank you,
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    I agree that the name of this board "failure" sucks. I'd love some suggestions on how to change it.

    I feel strongly about having this board. Why? Because patients who have challenges with interstim often need EXTRA support. I've asked the company to consider creating a special support group for patients who go through the procedure and have a negative result.

    The core of our web site is to help patients learn about the pros and cons of any treatments. To talk with patients who have success.. and to talk with patients who have failures. And.. it's only natural that they each have strong opinions.

    But.. I'd love some more feedback too. If the company won't offer the support, I think that we should. But having support in a "success story" board for failures isn't really the place for it.. because some patients begin to think "why me?.. why didn't it work for me?"

    Let's here more opinions out there. Maybe we could try it out for a month or so and see what happens.

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      ok seen this old post and think that "failure" is such a nasty word.. Yvette is so right.. How about if we change the board name to interstim device malfunction,
      Interstim mishaps, "Interstim Misfortunes", "Interstim Insufficienty"
      I like:
      "Interstim Insufficienty"

      'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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        sorry you have gone thru so much.........
        Failure is a word that makes us feel bad.. lets all think here and change the board name...

        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'