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  • Dual Interstim?

    Hello all. It has been a horrible time for me recently. Alot of pain. Nothing is working and the docs are talking about doing a dual interstim. Has anyone had this done? If so, have they had it done after their interstim quit working and treating their symptoms?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have a question. Are you talking about having 2 interstims put in at one time, or do you already have interstim and are going to have another one put in? I have heard of people having 2 interstims. However, I have neever heard of having 2 put in at one time. I would question the benifit of that.
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      I already have an interstim implanted that stimulates the left side of the sacral nerve. The docs are talking about putting a second set of leads in that would stimulate the right side of the nerve as well. I am not sure if these leads can be hooked up to the IPG that is in there or if they would have to put another one in.



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        Hi Trinka!
        I have 2 interstims. I had one for a year, but it did not helped my symptoms (urgency and frequency) as how I and my doctor would like it to worked. They tried a lot of different adjustments but nothing helped.
        A year later, I had a new test in the side that I did not had any wires in, and it was the only way it helped my frequency. So after that results, my doctor suggested me to have another interstim in the other side. They did not removed the first interstim, because in the test I tried it on and off (in the second test, with one interstim already implanted), and both of them together was the only way that helped me, stimulating both sides, left and right.
        If you have any questions please feel free to ask them to me.


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          Did you have to have 2 IPG's put in or did you have just 2 sets of leads?



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            2 IPG's and 2 leads. You'll have 4 incisions...


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              Hey Trinka -

              I am headed in the same direction as you. I had the Interstim implanted in April of this year for retention problems and haven't really seen a significant improvement. Pending my ins. company's okay, we're going to go ahead and test again in January.

              I just want to be able to "pee" again !!!!

              Take care -

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