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    I had my interstim Dec '01. It has helped with my freq, and intensity . The pain is more tolerable at times but I still have to take alot of meds. My doc and rep both told me that the interstim is not intended to help with the pain but if it does it is a big +. I have not been able to come to this site but a few times since my surg in Dec. and can't stay long. I guess that I am positive mostly but a little frustrated at times. I had hoped that the interstim would help more with my pain. Don't get me wrong, it has helped but with it comes a price physically that at times limits my movements-I'm at at high amps.according to the rep(lowest sitting is 3.1)
    Thanks for this site. It has been a real help.


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    So not trade off your mobility for anything......if you are not getting the satisfaction you had hoped for or was told you would get it is not worth the loss of mobility.....please be very careful with this and at the sign of any problems get help right away.....I have damage and if, I could trade it back I would gladly do so. I cherished my I cherish that I HAD it....I just spoke with another person today that has problems with their legs tooooooooooo.......there are many of us and you are not alone with any problems you are having.....hope you get better soon.