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Dr's appt today, need support

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  • Dr's appt today, need support

    I am getting ready to go to the hospital. I'm going to have an xray so that we can see where the broken electrode is floating inside my body. Then I meet with my Uro to discuss whether or not I have to have another surgery to have electrode removed.
    I'm scared to death that I'm going to have to have another surgery. I'm scared of all the nasty side effects (again), naseau, rashes, etc. Mostly I'm scared of him digging around to get it out and causing nerve damage. I have enough problems already. I can't imagine risking nerve damage.
    Everything has gone so wrong with all these surgeries, I feel I'm destined to have more problems. It seems to be Murphy's law with me. Please, please let this electrode stay in and cause no more problems.
    I need your good thoughts and prayers this afternoon. I'm hoping and praying that I won't have to have another surgery. I need a vacation from all this. I don't think I can handle any more complications.
    I want to spend the next few months enjoying my engagement and preparing for the wedding and our new marriage.
    My IC flaring is huge (burning, pain, spasms, freq, urge, etc). I'm having alot of difficulty sleeping. I have trouble falling asleep and I'm not sleeping well at all. I'm so tired and stressed out. Please let something go right for a change.

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    Sending hugs and prayers your way. Even if the doctor says it needs to come out maybe you can wait awhile-like once you are happily settled into married life and have had a chance to know some joy and rest. People walk around with bullets lodged in their bodies, even their head sometimes. It is hard to imagine that leaving this in for awhile longer could be so bad-but obviously I am not a doctor. Just someone who cares and wants to support you in anyway I can. Ruth


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      This has been such a struggle for you and my heart really goes out to you. I know you will feel some relief to know where that electrode is --- I always think not knowing is worse than anything.

      My thoughts go with you today. Be sure to let us know what you learn.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        I hope you got some good news at your doctor's appointment today. You are and have been in my thoughts.

        Lots of healing wishes,
        Melanie J.
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        Living a happy life in spite of IC!


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          Ruth, Donna & Melanie,
          Thanks for your support! Your good thoughts worked because I don't have to have another surgery right now. See my latest post for details.