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Frustrated with Medtronics

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  • Frustrated with Medtronics

    I called Medtronics two days ago with a question about ultra sounds because I have to have some test done. The woman I spoke with, after being on hold for an hour, was unsure about what I should do and then said whoever was doing the test would have to call Medtronics and tell them what type of equipment they were using and how far the sight was from my interstim. Then she changed her mind and said she would call back in a few minutes with an answer. Her few minutes has turned into two days and I don't think she will call. I am going to have to call the tech line myself and see if they will talk to me. I don't thing the tech doing the ultra sound or my GP can call them and get any response while my butt is laying on a cold steel exray machine. I'm just very frustrated with thier lack of concern and lack of knowledge when you ask them a question.
    Maybe I should just go and knock on thier door. Carolyn B

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    It happened to me, at the end they just told me I should talk to my surgeon! can you imagine!!???


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      Hi Mary, Can you believe thier nerve. I really need an answer and they are the experts. I'm just going to keep calling and maybe I'll get someone who cares enough to find out what I need to know. Sounds to me like they're taking a safe legal stand for some reason but we need answers. My doctor doesn't know so that leaves us hanging in the breeze. Oh well!!!!! Carolyn B


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        What are you having the ultrasound for Carolyn? I had my gallbladder, kidneys and stomach done with no problem. Did you check on their site? They usually keep posting updates on the DON'T.
        Originally, in 1999, they said that you couldn't go thru the security at the airports....well, duha..........come to find out the device is made of titainium (sp [img]confused.gif[/img] ) and it doesn't matter....there is no metal involved.

        You could always dump the ball in your uro's lap. Call him and have his office fax a letter to the office that is doing the ultrasound [img]wink.gif[/img]

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