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  • Unable to Walk Normally

    I have had my InterStim off since Dec. because it has never worked since the permanent implant last Aug. I have since moved to another state and have a new doc. I decided to give it another try and went for programming on 4/4. On 4/7 I began having difficultly walking, and when I awoke on 4/8 I could barely walk at all (when I tried to walk, my hip and foot were in the same plane, but my knee "popped" backward, so my thigh, knee and calf were going the opposite direction. This happened with both legs (not just the left where my InterStim is). Has this happened to anyone? I turned my unit off and after about 48 hrs, I could walk normally again. I have a call in to the new dr., but, I'm really wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I'm not sure if it's the InterStim or not. Kathleen

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    I have to say that I received the interstim in May of 2001. It worked for me for about six months and then I began to experience some problems. For about four months I walked with my right foot turned in and my right hip up. I put my body so far out of wack from that I can't even tell you. I have experienced not being able to walk at times myself. Doctors look at me like I am nuts but as soon as they reprogrammed me out of that stage I was fine, so I know that it had to be. I know exactly what you are going through and I understand. I believe it is the stimulator and I would not doubt you in the least. Do you also have trouble walking through certain metal detectors, or library detectors? Sometimes they make me loose all feeling in my leg and I fall down. None of this had happened to be pre stimulator. Good Luck with everything