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  • incision red

    I am hoping Brat or Jesser will look at this. I had my interstim removed last wed. Oct. 29. My incision is very red. My other incision's didn't look this way. And it hurts. Is this something I need to worry about? Carlin

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    Hey Carly--

    It's me Jesser, just under a different name.

    My incision was reallllly red, from rubbing on my clothes. A bandage over it when wearing clothes might help. Otherwise, be sure to watch for infection, that might be it, too. I just know that mine was really red as well, and I thought it was infected but it turned out not to be.

    Keep me posted!

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      Thank-you. I knew I could count on you. I just had my husband put a dressing back on it. Thanks again


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        Your welcome.

        Mine was really hurting afterwards, but it turned out to be from the rubbing. I wore the bandage when I had to wear jeans or anything like that, and then took it off when I could wear a night gown, to let the incision get some air. Hope you are feeling well.

        Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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          Hello. My incisions are still red and I had my interstim put in in July. If you start to have a fever, that would be a sign of infection. Also, if you see red streaks around the incision that would indicate infection. Good luck.
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            My doctor told me having an infection doesn't mean you would have a fever. Sometimes you will have an infection in a small part of your body, but you don't have fever. Please be careful for any changes you feel about your body.

            My permanant Interstim implant was done on 10/31 and I am still on antibiotics for any possible infection. I don't know if you do this prevention thing in USA. But my dr wanted me on it for about a week.


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              My thought on this is that you should have it checked out, especially since you didn't have redness before. If it's warm to the touch, definitely have it checked.

              My motto is "If in doubt --- check it out."

              Stay safe

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                Were you given an antibiotic afterwards? For both of my surgeries, I was on 10 days worth of antibiotics, 3 times a day. I heard that this is usually standard?
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                  Well I'm not Brat or Jesser but maybe I can help wink

                  You should keep an eye on that and let your Doctor know what is going on--just so you all are on the same page. It could be an infection -- pretty common with surgery. It could be an irritation (for the 1st year I couldn't wear any clothes that had any residue of fabric softner or laundry detergent -- both aggravated th incision sites immensly).

                  On a more serious note: It could be your body rejecting th device (it happened before to other girls) and it's your body's way of *pushing* ou the device -- did they mention this part to you? Most likely they did, either in written or verbal format. Even something as minor as a piercing, they normally tell you your body may reject as foriegn object in your it can happen. I had a firiend who had a nipple ring that got rejected by her body....just "pushed" it right out! eek

                  Good luck, and let us know what you find out.
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                    you are just fine mine was red for a while and still have the itches and burn feeling and after a shower or bath its pretty red. any concens call the dr.. but mine told me if there is no fever you are ok
                    hugs to you
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