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    The only time a negative post about interstim would be deleted would be if it contains negative comments regarding a specific identifiable physician or posts which direct negative comments towards any other individual posting here.

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      I'm not going to have it taken out... It is a test that will tell my doctor what exactly is wrong. It will measure (I don't know how exactly) my bladder nerve response to the impulses of the interstim. Depending on this, he will decide if he has to move the lead to a different placement, or maybe check another sacral nerve. It is not invasive, and this test is something new that can help my doctor make decisions, not only asking you what you feel and looking at your toe or rectum as in the test and implant.
      I may have sounded very frustrated sometimes, but now that I have an appointment date again (I hope the hospital don't cancel it again!) I'm more relaxed.I don't know what will I decide, but since I have not had any permanent nerve problems from the interstim, I'm still positive that maybe with a relocation I will have the results I'm waiting since my implant surgery (october 2001)
      My appointment is aug 1, but maybe I'll have to change it (I have too much work on those days) and I will see if I can change it to the second week of august.
      I really thank all of you for your posts. It will help me decide what to do after this test. I'm very hopefull yet... I know from this board patients that had a revision, and after that they found the results they where looking for. And at the same time, I'm more informed about permanent problems that other patients have from this implant. I think that with every medical procedure, surgery or implant, there can be are irreversible problems. I'm very sorry for all of you, and I pray that I don't end with this kind of nerve damage some of you have.
      I will post later in the day telling the final appointment date.
      THANK YOU ALL !!!!


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        Hi! Chady
        I asked you several question the other day before your response to Mary about your interstim? HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!!!


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          I am so sorry to hear that you are having those problems...have you tried turning it down lower or as low as it will go, or off/
          My trouble is swelling in the spinal area,cannot walk far at all, cannot sit like normal as the spine cannot take any pressure on it,cannot stand even to do my hair in the morning,have severe pain in the spine and the neuro cannot really even touch there due to it,one leg is very effected and has alot of numbness and lack of feeling in part of the foot,the circulation in the one leg is bad and the foot will discolor,cannot lay on my back,sit erect like I said, I have to sit on one side or the other due to the pain and presure in the spine which has now traveled to about the waist line,have tremors in most of the body and problems where the generaor is with permanent nerve damage also where the generator was before it was revised,cannot drive except to maybe the store and back due to difficulty sitting and pain,walk with a limp,cannot move the toes as you would normaly due to the nerve damage in the spine all of which is being tracked by a doctor until one removes it.....have morphine to help with the pain if need it but, I have IBS and that is hard on that and I refuse to live on pain medication forever,cannot lean over or bend over at the waist,cannot lift at all not even a 5#bag of flour.
          I do hope that you or no one else gets those kind of consequences...mine has been in too long according to the doctors but, I can't get it out as others have run into like the lawyers say each doctor that refuses to remove the device is causing more problems....he says that is not good and hopefull there will be a doctor soon that will care enough about my body and nothing else...the company will not help me and has not from day one nor the doctors that operated on me..other doctors are afraid or do not know how.
          Please watch over yourself very carefully only you really care about yourself and what happens to not risk your well being and your ability to be mobile or live happily. Any more problems than you are having please get it out...mine too started slow and in the legs.
          take care of yourself
          you are in my thoughts