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    Hi I am considering getting an interstim implanted, the question I have is do you have to limit your physical activity when you get it implanted? The reason I'm asking is I have a very physically demanding job and even though I've had IC for 5yrs. I've managed to just take the pain and frequency and keep working, I don't want to get the interstim if my job would cause it not to work.

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    You should ask your doc.
    As far as having it already implanted, after you heal you should be able to lead a very active life. But it's a good idea to ask your doc, at first you will be somewhat limited but after you heal it will change...

    Good Luck to you with the Interstim,

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      The only limits I have because of my implant are the limits I set for myself....I am very protective of the device cuz it hurts like H+!! if it's bumped and the actual incision site because I'm afraid of something being moved out of place.

      If you are having the surgery done to help with pain issues forget it.....and really check into the pro's and cons as far as what kind of trial you would be having.

      tons of hugs~
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        You do have to be careful. It does hurt when the are they put the generator in is bumped or pushed on. I was told that you cannot take a fall to that area as it could do I was careful when I was doing things not to fall. There is always the risk of the wires moving also.
        You need to go back into the records here and read all the issues on this interstim and start contacting people about it. You also need to ask your doctor if you can talk to other patients in person that have it. Don't jump into getting this until you have read everything here and elsewhere that you can about it...and talked to others that have had or do have it. Know that the FDA is looking into this product and its adverse reactions to people that have had it. I have permanent damage from it is clear to everyone that I am not an advocate of this device at all. I also am well aware of the numerous amounts of people that are like me. Read everything you can and talk to whomever and then make your decision. THE INTERSTIM IS NOT FOR PAIN....and it is not a cure for IC. I was talking to a lady the other day in Colorado and the uro she went to told her this was the treatment for IC and that was her first visit to the doctor about is not and therefore should not be promoted as such
        Best of luck to you on this.