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Pain down both legs since surgery

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  • Pain down both legs since surgery

    Hi Everyone,

    Mu husband has IC and got his interstim 14 months ago. Since the initial installation he had to go back because of a kink in the lead - that was in December.
    Since his initial installation he has had excruciating pain down both les and in both hips. He is a 32 yo man that walks like an 80 yo.
    While the interstim seems to have eased some of the bladder spasms, only since the surgery has he had this pain in his legs.
    Doctor that did the surgery said that the interstim couldn't be causing the pain down his legs. I'm not tending to agree.
    Has anyone else had this type of pain after Interstim?
    Please email me at [email protected] <img src="graemlins/hi.gif" border="0" alt="[hi]" />

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    My suggestion for your husband would be to see a neurologist. The leg pain may or may not be related to the interstim, but he does need to pursue the cause.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Where in his legs is the pain? What kind of pain is it? I have it down the back of my legs and it's a burning numbing kind of pain. No one can figure out WHY it's happening. I've had x-rays and ct's and there is no apparent damage.

      Is he getting proper pain meds? I'd definately see a Neuro to rule out other problems (I know that I felt better emotionally after I did) and then work on some proper pain management.

      Wishing you the VERY best~
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        For Steve,
        I am from the same part of the country and I had my surgery done there in Denver also. I have had terrible problems and many reprogramings,revisions and was basically a cripple before I finally got a doctor to take it out. I can help you and I know what the problem is. I have been very sick with my injuries from my interstim and have not been here for awhile. I took down your email address so I can email you.
        There are many serious problems with this interstim and what your husband is experiencing is not due to him. There are problems with the device itself and many of the doctors putting them in also. I read where you are from and I will email you tomorrow. Mine is out now but the injury I have in my spine and all is permanent. I am getting worse even with it now as my legs are getting to where I once again cannot walk. I too am young and people said I was like I was 90. I will get to you tomorrow and you can email me [email protected]
        We will talk about this more then too.
        Please take care and tell him if need be to turn the thing off.
        I know exactly what he is going through as well as many,many others across the nation do also....for the doctor to say it is not the interstim is also very commom as they do not want to tell or admit that to anyone.
        I will keep him in my thoughts as I know all to well what it must be like for him right now.


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          Hi Everyone,

          Thank you for your responses. Steve turned the interstim off about 3 weeks ago. He has had some spasms but there has been no alleviation in the leg pain.
          Since my original post we have had 2 ct scans done, now have an appt for friday for an EMG. He also has several appts in January with Neurology and Neurosurgery.
          The pain is increasing steadily and although he takes Neurontin and Tylenol 3 regularly it is not enough. He went to the ER yesterday and got a shot Toradol.
          Thank you all for you support and feel free to email us at [email protected]


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            I would like anyone's opinion concening "nerve pain" . My son who tells me his bladder symptoms have not bothered him, however, he is now experiencing some type of nerve pain that is shooting in between his legs towards the back of his legs. At times he finds it hard to walk. Again, he tells me not pain from his bladder...but do you think its all related to his ic?? It can come upon him and then leave...sometimes it comes out of no where.
            Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated as he has certainly enjoyed his 9 months of bladder remission.