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  • Question??

    Can a Ten Unit be used when you have The interstim??
    My doctors is out of town I still having a back ache that want quit.
    I had the The ten unit for several years it has always helped but afraid of it with out asking some one.
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    Hope this reaches you soon. So sorry about your back pain. kissing

    When I had the interstim on just one side, I was able to use the TENS on the other. I just made sure that the electrodes were as far away from the implant as possible.

    You could probaby try it, gently. I would suggest that you talk to your doc about this, and/or contact Medtronic. However, I am not aware of anything against TENS on their website. I checked about 2 years ago, though.
    Good luck and hope this helps! hi
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      Hi Katherine,
      according to medtrionic the interstim should not be affected here is a link for you to view...

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        When I asked my dr about using the tens unit while having the interstim he didn't miss a beat when he said, "NO" so please check it out first............
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          THanks for knowing Teri, I went and looked and it said it should not hurt, but having a good uro that is an ic specialist, I would go with the NO! hugs to you
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'