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    Hi chloe,

    I am glad to hear that your InterStim Implant is working for you now..
    As for you losing weight I have had my InterStim Implant for five years now and lost about 28 pounds this year and I to have notice that my Implant is protrude the skin in certain positions, my doctor told me that was ok for me not to worry about it.

    Well as to the question about metal detectors at the airport when I went to the airport in Janaury as I was going on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean I had full body search it was not very nice at all it was the most embarrassing thing that I have ever happen to me.
    My doctor told me not to go through the metal detector at all and I show them my card and they never look at it..
    As for other metal detectors in stores and other places I have never had any problem with them at all...

    Hugs, Debbie
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Thanx for the information. I did go ahead and call Medtronics and they said to turn the device off and go around and get patted down. The wand that they use has a magnet in it, so that would not be good. I had to go to the courthouse yesterday and showed my card (which they didn't really look at) and got padded down. The officer asked me where the implant was and they proceded to feel it. Oh well, better then a shock or jolt from going thru the detector. On the subject of the protrusion, Medtronics also said that that was normal to feel it thru the skin. That would probably be my biggest complaint is that it can be felt outside the skin and that the unit probably could be 1/2 the size. Even the remote could be a smaller unit, it is just so big to carry around in a just in case moment.

      Question, does anyone have an ID bracelet for this? I have heard it was a good idea, but wanted to make sure that if I was going to buy it, that it was a good one. Any suggestions.



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        Medic Alert

        I believe it's very important to wear a medical ID with an implant. I have one by Medic Alert (1-800-432-5378). My wording is "Bladder simulator. No MRI. No diathermy." When medical personnel call the phone number on the ID with my ID number, they get the full list of all the things that can't be done (e.g., no electrocautery). It's inexpensive for the peace of mind it brings me.
        IC & fibromyalgia since ~'77. Osteoarthritis since ~'88. Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (autoimmune blood disease) since '96. IBS for who knows how long. Interstim implant 2/04, revised 6/06, replaced 11/12 & again in 9/17. Antibodies to thyroid since at least '92 (finally diagnosed & treated 1/06). Asthma & vocal cord dysfunction 12/06. Hypoglycemia '07. Perimenopausal at 37, menopause at 45. Pituitary & adrenal failure. Osteopenia. Grade 3 sacral fracture by S3-S4 at age 12, healed 14mm out of place.


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          It's funny how dr's don't think alike. When we went on vacation last winter my dr wrote me a note, just incase I needed it and said I could go thru the security check at the airport with no problem. When I went the year before that uro said "NO",t hey have to do the hand search. Well, after some pretty humiliating stuff on that first vacation, I decided to try it the new dr's way and I didn't have a bit of trouble. No bells and whistles and no alarms going off

          Kimberly, I lost weight after I had mine put in and it finally found it's own comfy spot. Now that I don't have it anymore I still have the indintation on my cheek from how the dang thing was laying in there......I am soooooooooooo glad that I don't have any reason to show this scared up 53 year old body cuz it's really a turn-off

          Wishing you the VERY best~
          Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".