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Good news!!!(Synergy & Interstim)

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  • Good news!!!(Synergy & Interstim)

    I have such exciting news! I went to Calgary, Alberta last week to see a specialist. I had been sent information on Interstim, and I cried for an hour after recieving it. I have had such severe pain from my ic for the past year, and from reading the posts I understood that interstim does NOT help pain. This, I was told was a last resort before a bladder removal. (Not that I would let them do that- not yet) So I went anyways, hopin that the Dr. might have something that would help me. I had read that there is a product called Synergy, made by the makers of Interstim but geared more towards patients with severe pain. I wasn't able to find any more info before I left because I was hospitalized for a month due to the pain. Anyways... I went to Calgary and met with a wonderful GYN who specializes in pelvic pain. I asked her about Synergy and she told me the difference between Synergy and Interstim is that Synergy has 2 wires (instead of 1 like Interstim), and it has a bigger battery pack. She said that I was a candidate for Synergy (what a relief!)

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    PLEASE keep us updated on could help soooooooooooo many of us!

    Wishing you the very very best [img]biggrin.gif[/img]
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      Phoebe that is good news!! I have posted about Synergy in the past and from what I've read this device has initially been designed for those with chronic and/or severe back pain. For many ICers I think it could be a breakthru in pain management. Many ICers do complain of lower back pain that exacerbates their symptoms~and that would be great to alleviate that as well. Good luck to you and keep us posted on how make out with all this!
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        that sounds very promising for you....when do you go back? please keep us posted as you go so we can all learn about the Synergy.


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          I saw a pian managenent specialist in Boston last week. He said there was nothing he could do for me except trying another nerve blcok. I asked about Synergy and the Pain Pumps. He said that niether would work for me based on my messed up history with Interstim and pain meds. I wish this were easier. I have no hope left at this point.



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            Kara...Don't lose hope, go to another doctor, someone who believes in Synergy. I had lost hope too. I said to my Dr., "Why phone the Uro? He just wants to cut my bladder out!" I can't believe the difference in how i felt with the test Stimulator on. I felt like myself...the person I lost a year ago...she was back for 5 days. The sad news for me now is, I'm back to where i was before. not hospitalized, but going for shots for pain relief 3-4 times a day. It's all that works. Anyways, don't lose hope, we need to remember how hard htey are working to find a cure, or at least ways for us to be able to function day to day. I hope they find something for you. Happy Easter!! I love this weekend, being drawn back to the cross, and then the empty tomb. For this we have hope. Jesus is our hope!