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Interstim & retention

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  • Interstim & retention

    I was just wondering if the interstim unit causes you to get retention. I don't have any retention now. I had a test done which showed that I left 29 cc's in my bladder after urinating and the doctor said that that was normal. I am going to get interstim and I was just concerned if it will cause retention?????

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    No. I suffered from my worse retention while I was trying out all of the different drugs for treatments......(this was pre-surgery) If the drug said 'may cause retention' it DID cause retention for me.... I don't cath until I know that my bladder if full and there is no way that I can empty.

    So, don't worry about it. We've got more than enough on our plates to worry about and this is one that you should let go.

    wishing you the VERY BEST outcome
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