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My lead wire has migrated some

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  • My lead wire has migrated some

    Well, I found out Monday that my lead wire has started to migrate since the implant 8/00. They reprogrammed it and I am seeing some improvement. I got mine done in Indianapolis by Tom Benson. He did a great job and had this machine that actually tested the nerves (kinda like an EMG) to see which program was best. I had it reprogrammed in New Orleans. Does anyone know of other doctors who use the EMG thingy? I was told if I had it replaced in New Orleans I would have to be awake with little pain relief and I DON'T want to go that route when I can go somewhere else and be asleep AND know for CERTAIN it's programmed right.

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    I'm sorry to hear that! I had a revision surgery last year. Before the revision I had a similar test an EMG to see exactly which nerves the interstim were stimulating. At the same time I had a new test in the other side where I did not had an interstim to see if I was helped with 2 interstim (which was correct) The revision surgery and the implant of the new one was decided after having this test.
    It was done in the Methodist Hospital in Houston Texas. I don't know if it was the same as mine the one you had. I had a catheter and a rectal electrode when the representative was changing parameters, and trying different electrodes.
    If you wish you can send me a private and I can give you my doctors name.


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      Mary PLPPPPLLLLLEEEESSSSEEEE email me or post me the name of your doctor!!! I live in south MS and Houston is ALOT closer than Indianpolis! I'm looking for someone who has that testy thingy. That is EXACTLY what it is!!!!


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        Misea, I can't send you a private message (you have to activate it in your profile), send me your email address and I'll send you his name.


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          It's okay to post the doctor's name. The only time you can't is if the post is negative --- which puts the ICN at risk.

          Warm hugs,
          Stay safe

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