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    I was just wondering for you(who had it removed) why it dosen't work for pain.Is it the purpose of Interstim to get rid of pain?

    Did you had the "trial" implant first?


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      For me the purpose of Interstim was for urgency/frequency and urinary incontinence. They explained that if at some point down the road I did experience pain relief it would be a bonus. So far I haven't had any pain relief but added pain from the incisions. But it's a waiting game I suppose! Hope all are well!
      God's Love,


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        Well I did the InterStim mainly for urinary incontinence..
        I was told right up front it was not for pain but I am one of the lucky ones that when I had it done all my pain went away..
        I am now in pain due to the battery in the pacemaker stop working, going for surgery to replace the pacemaker unit on May 29 then I will be able to tell you if my pain is all gone again..
        I really believe that it all depends on what kind of pain you are having as I have pelvic floor dysfunction and that is mainly where I had the most pain for me any how, we are all so different with our IC ..

        Yes , you do the trial first as that is what will tell you if the InterStim Implant is going to help you or not, I really have not heard of any one that did not do the trial first ...
        Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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          For me I got the InterStim for my urgency and frequency. And at first it did help. But for me it never helped with the pain.

          Usually the InterStim is used for incont. urgency and freq. There are some doctors out there that are using it for IC pain and telling patients it will help them with there pain. And depending on the type of pain some people do get pain relief. But the majority of patients do not get pain help from the InterStim.
          God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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