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    Hello former stimmers,

    Sorry I haven't been around. It sure has been awhile. Life has kept me busy...well, Izzy has kept me busy lol.

    I want to discuss the InterStim chat. I've been getting PM's about it. When I first tried to get it up and running, either no one was joining or there were some problems. Anyway, life got busy and I was not able to give it the attention I really would have liked to.

    Things are finally calming down on my end. I am just wondering, has anyone else started a failed stimmers chat? If not, please, those interested in doing so LET ME KNOW. I can devote evenings to this and would like to do so if anyone else is interested in chatting.

    On a side note--has anyone tried Lyrica for their nerve pain from the stimulator? I've been on it for about 2 months and that in combination with my Opana pain medication has been helping tremendously.

    I hope everyone is well!
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    wanted to chim in here, and say that I really hope you all use this forum to to talk about you failed stims, its healthy to get it all out, and talk to others that have not had success with it.
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      hey sweetie i would love to have the chat....

      Judge me and I'll prove you wrong!!