I havent been on here for a while but was wondering what kind of problems others have experienced from the interstim device. I had mine removed about 2 yrs ago due to the leads "shocking" me even when the unit was on lowest setting (I had device for IC and had the unit itself repositioned 1x and the leads repostioned 2x). Within a few months of having the unit removed I had tremendous pain in both of my legs and my lower back. I had nerve conduction studies on my legs and everything was normal. However, my legs hurt so bad sometimes they keep me awake pain meds dont help. I get the tingeling and numbness all the way to my feet. I have severe pressure in the sacral area where the leads were as long as shooting pain in the area where the box was. Currently I am having bowel problems and my dr. is wondering if it is a nerve problem. He said we the bowel and bladder are same nervouse system and we have worked so hard at suppressing the bladder he thinks maybe we have also suppressed the bowel. I am wondering if this is all related to problems with the iterstim. About 2 months after having the device removed I was dx with fibromyalgia. I also get the numbness and tingling in arms and hands. Any feedback would be appriciated. Thanks!