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Cant get interstim taken out

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  • Cant get interstim taken out

    Is there anyone who has any advice on how I can get my interstim removed, please let me know. I had it placed in March 2013 for pain ( no urologist would suggest anything other than interstim as I have done just about everything else.) It had been reprogrammed a million times, no success in finding a helpful program. The lead placement is not good, as it shocks my right foot all the time. I shut the unit off a few months ago as I got tired of the foot shocking. The shocking is still present even with the unit off, to a lesser degree. However, it is still horribly aggrevating to the point I would love to cut my foot off. I have turned the unit back on, and it intensifies the same shocking- so I know it is the lead doing it. I have tried to change settings, but no help.

    The problem is BCBS of TN will not precert the removal surgery, they are basically saying they will not pay for it. So no one will take it out. I am in the process of moving back to FL, and no doctor there will touch me with this problem. I am going to try to call Medtronic and ask if they can do anything, but from my past dealings with them- it will be a wasted call. I asked the surgeons office if they could take it out emergently and they said no since they know I cant pay for the surgery myself. BCBS will not discuss the issue with me, only the surgeon.

    Its so unfortunate that so many doctors force this surgery on people as there are so few options for advanced IC pt's. Now I am stuck living in a shocking hell and no one can get it taken out. Last night I actually seen an infomercial on TV about Interstim for bladder problems..... of course they don't tell you once you have it- everyone will bail out on you if you have problems.
    I have basically done every treatment for IC except cyclosporine and botox. Everything has failed. I live on pain meds all day. My diet is so strict that I now have multiple vitamin deficiencies. I have also tried numerous alternative therapies. I would do a cystectomy, but doctors seem to think living in pain is better. Currently taking Synthroid, Elmiron, Percocet, Toradol, Desert Harvest aloe. Interstim done 4 times, what a waste. Also newly diagnosed with Hunners Ulcers on cysto. Now disabled due to IC. A body of life, a bladder of hell.