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Falling since interstim implant

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  • Falling since interstim implant

    I appreciate all of the information shared in this forum. I had my device implanted September 2013 with mild improvement for my OAB. Prior to the procedure, I tried every medication but was starting to experience side affects, including increased blood pressure. After the implant,the leaking and frequency continued interchangeably so I had an adjustment which didn't help much. Shortly thereafter I fell leaving work. Thought it might be just a fluke but since then I have fallen 6 times... In a few cases I felt my ankle twist slightly and I couldn't self correct in time. A few times I had no warning. I am 46 years old and definitely need to loose weight but this is very unusual for me. I am very mobile with never any issues before this. My urogynecologist says that the falling is unrelated to the interstim but I cannot connect anything else to the falls. The interstim doesn't cause any pain and after a second adjustment with the rep it is working much better on my frequency and leakage. Has anyone else had similar issues?

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    Re: Falling since interstim implant

    You might want to think about talking with your primary care physician about the falls. It could be a coincidence, and it might be totally unrelated to the interstim, but I suggest you follow up to be certain about what's going on.

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      Re: Falling since interstim implant

      Thanks Donna. I have spoken with my PCP who thinks it Is not something to worry about. I have an ortho appt tomorrow tomorrow to get all my docs involved. Had two falls in one week..aargh.