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20 yrs of IC, 3 Interstim, severe leg back pain

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  • 20 yrs of IC, 3 Interstim, severe leg back pain

    After getting another round of epidural today to deal with my back and leg pain I just keep wondering if all the extra pain from nerves that were used for my Interstim. I had my first one implanted I think 2005 replaced a few yrs later after finding out I had broken wires then I lost 150 pounds and had it replaced again because of the saggy pocket and it wasn't working well. I had the last one taken out 2 1/2 years ago and not replaced because of unrelenting pain in my s1-s4 area, radiating hip pain and leg numbness. My leg and hip hurt worse all the darn time. My first interesting worked great, I had a great doctor and NP. But they moved. I felt I just ended up with random care for the 2nd and 3rd a stims. I feel there is a strong correlation and possible causation of damage done to my spinal nerves from the Interstim. I am in pain and I can't even seem to get any doctor admit that it could have caused problems. I saw on here tons of other people with issues.I'm not crazy and I'm not the only one.I haven't had any other injury to my back. As for my IC, it's better, but not great.

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    I have the interstim. It hasn't given me much problems. I had some twinges of pain in my foot and I just turned it down lower. The interstim has helped me with my retention. That is why they gave it to me. Anyway I discovered methenamine/hiprex, it is putting my IC pain in remission I think! I'm trying to spread the word. I always thought I had an undetectable infection.


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      I'm glad the interstim is helping. Please keep us posted.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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