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I am in BION trial !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Many thanks,again!!! It is great to have friends.
    Proverbs 17:17 A true companion is loving all the time and is a brother/sister that is born for when there is distress
    Support American Cancer Society Relay for Life
    Living life on hope and a prayer.
    To read me and my family's story
    Spinal surgery 04/06
    Interstim implanted12/04
    interstim removal 12/05
    Hysterectomy 1998
    Bladder surgeries due to hysterectomy,'98,99,00,01
    DXx with IC w/ Hunners 1999
    Chronic Pelvic pain
    Chronic fatigue
    Depression/post traumatic stress syndrome
    Migraines(OOPPSS WRONG) DX on August 28 with focal seziures, NOw on Zonegram for seizures

    Treatments...Done 'em all, but still looking out for the one that is my magic bullet.
    Weekly or as needed instills w/ elmiron/lidocaine/bicarb

    Meds:various pain meds,Soma (muscle relaxant)
    and a few others I'm sure,depending on how good I have been on my IC diet.

    Trying to keep a positive attitude, in a negative world.

    Best treatment of all, Good Friends who Understand


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      Rose - if you go to, you can search trials by ailment, etc. It is a very helpful site. I found two studies I have done (well, one I am currently still in) for IC this way.

      From what I've read there, Bion is an implantable microstimulater.

      Good luck Sonja! Keep us informed.


      IC Symptoms since 04/05
      Finished NIDDK Amitriptyline Study 11/05

      Current Meds:
      Elmiron 400mg (since 12/13/05)


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        I am with you on that one! Bion here I come!

        I too will have the Bion soon. I cannot wait! I had the same pain and problems with the stim, had removed a year ago. Cher



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          Hi, cher daisy, welcome! I'm so excited for you, I hope that you have good results from the Bion too! Please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have. It's normal to have lots of questions and to be somewhat apprehensive before any procedure - so let me help!

          Blessings, Lori


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            Re: I am in BION trial !!!!!!!!!!!

            Not the case at all! But I'm glad u replied. Which Bion do u have implanted? Mine was implanted in 2004. The case study was cancelled a year later. I received a revised consent form to sign over and over again.
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