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  • help! confused!

    Hi all, I am needing some clarification here.

    A pain specialist who I have not even talked to, he just read my records from my IC nurse practitioner, is suggesting that it would be best to see a pain specialist who does "spinal cord stimulation trial of sacral nerves". Is this the same thing as Interstim?

    I have read here and there that the spinal cord stimulation is for frequency and urgency, NOT for pain, is that correct? My problem is definitely pain, not frequency!

    Can anyone shed some light on this topic?

    I am a bit miffed that this person thinks I should go straight for this invasive procedure; it's true I have tried many oral things, and am revisiting DMSO, but I also respond well to Vicodin and if I take up to 3 a day I do okay, would probably do even better on bad days with something longer acting, which is kind of what I was hoping for! I am not a drug seeker, just a seeker of being out of pain which is my main problem.

    Any input is appreciated! Thanks.

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    That sounds like Interstim to me. No, it's not for pain, but it does help some with it. My pain is not nearly as bad as it was before the Interstim.

    Good luck, and think this through. I'd do mine all over again, but it's not for everyone.

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      they are 2 different devices but basically being put in the same way.

      My original implant (interstim) worked 18months. quit working for 6. Had revision done (unsucessful) and 2 years of reprogramming before I had it removed. Now my Uro is talking to me about this device (pain has always been my worse symptom) Well, I jumped right in there in 1999 and let them use my body with the interstim, only to be left with worse permanent damage. NO WAY am I letting anyone who is NOT a NEUROSURGEON near my spine with operating tools again.
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        No they are not the same thing. They are by the same company but are put in differently. The one that involves the sacral nerve is the one I checked on first. It is alot mor envasive than the Medrodonic inner-stem. With the sacral nerve one they don't do a trail period. Also, you have 2 incisions instead of 1. They have to cut you by your spine and then sutger the device to the lower part of your spine and then they have to cut you again on your buttocks for the wire. The healing process is alot longer because of you getting cut twice. I just wasn't to crazy about this----the thought of having something sewn to my spine is freaky!!! The other one they just have to cut you once on you buttock to put the device in and then they lead to wird down to it. Definitely easier and not as painful!!!!!!!!!!

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          Jerry Lewis has a Medtronic device for pain. I think neurologists implant it and its for much stronger symptoms, etc. The interstim pulses on the nerve that controls bladder function. I'm sure the device is on their website.


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            I have a synergy neurostem for pain with my I.C. I am glad more talk about this device is out. A few months ago alot of people couldn't believe that it wasn't the same as interstem. The device is simular,but you do have two incisions, BUT it is fantastic for the pelvic pain and urgency and frequency. I have had it for over a year. It has been so wonderful. My pain Dr. is wonderful and has used this device many years for other intractable pain problems. He is getting fantastic results with I.C. and is doing a study with Medtronics. All of my pelvic floor is stimulated and up into my bladder. It seems very different than the interstem procedure. It never curls my toes unless I turned it up extremly high. I love it. Dr. Charles E. Anderson in Palm Springs Calif. has a huge pain clinic. He is very well versed on the Synergy Neurostem. You can call Allison his neurostem cordinator if you have any questions. 760 416-4655. The rep is there every Wed. and they have always taken fantastic care of me. I am so sorry to here of all the unhappy people. I checked out the interstem first and then this which is simular, but just of urgency and freguency. I wanted a device to cover all my pain areas. Good luck in all your searches. Bye