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  • Questions for Ryoon????

    I was just reading over your post on having to stop your pain meds. before your pre-innerstem surgery, Anyway was there a specific reason for doing this??? I went to my IC doc. on the 1oth and my pre-innerstem (if approved) is scheduled for March 1 and he didn't say anything about taperring of my meds. I couldn't think of anything else all night and today except about your post and how horrible it sounded for you to go through that. I also take daily pain meds. everyday and sometimes 1 soma at night for muscle spasms and an ambien to sleep. I woke up thinking this morning well I need to taper down before March 1 but he didn't say anything about it. What was the purpose of it?? How much pain meds. were you taking on a daily basis and what kind??? I am starting to get scared and nervous and don't really know what to do about the pain meds. I don't want to go through any withdrawls because I know they can be horrible. I have worried so much that I caused myself a huge flare. It is hard not to take something when you are in a flare especailly when you have a prescription for them. I would really love to know more details so I can prepare myself. Lord knows I don't want to do coming home from the hospital and I don't want to hurt either. If you want to e-mail me privately my address is [email protected] If it isn't .net it is .com Sometimes I get confused but I would love to hear from you as soon as you feel like it!!!

    Thanks a Bunch,

    [email protected]