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    There is a wonderful article in the March Good Housekeeping magazine that could help some people decide whether or not they want any type of implant surgery done.....I had the interstim implant and there wasn't this kind of information available when I made my decisison.

    The article is very long but the short side of the story is.....The FDA does NOT test OR regulate the use of implant devices. When there is a defective device the manufacturer notifies the dr, then you better pray that your dr notifies you.

    I am sorry I don't know how to get to magazine links. Maybe someone could help me out with that
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    Thanks Teri, I am going to buy a copy of it off the newstand and read it. I am trying to educate myself on interstim right now, I may do the trial in the summer. My pain doc this morning told me that interstim is best viewed as an adjunct therapy, not a primary therapy, and that at this stage there is no conclusive studies because the data sets are too small, and there hasn't been sufficient follow up of the participants.
    Food for thought.

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      That is good to hear some Dr.s telling their patients the real story. The fact he said there has not been sufficient follow-up is very important. You are for thought. I hope you can find something to help you.

      I may also get the magazine or at least read it at the library. I like to learn all I can about this stuff. No Dr. is ever going to blindside me on something if I can help it. It sounds like an intersting article. Thanks,

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        Cath~it makes me feel better knowing that there is someone in the medical field will tell the entire story. Thankx kissing
        Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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          I remember a few years back Good Housekeeping ran an excellent article on IC. I will definitely get the March issue.


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            Hi Teri, Thanks for the info. I'll try to buy the issue today. Best wishes, little bear