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    I have a few questions about the interstim device. Is it used for chronic pain? I am in pain everyday, but I don't have the urgency. I've read about having a trial interstim? Is it not implanted at that time? When it is implanted, is it near your tail bone? I know that I have a list of questions. My uro said that I am at the road's end (a lot of meds are not working for me. I have just started to use Neurontin, which I had to ask him to give me a prescription for!) My uro actually made me feel awful when he said that to me. So, I am researching different options for myself.

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    Hi Alana,

    The Interstim device is not used for pain--however it does help some people with it. It did help me, but I also had frequency and urgency.

    It is implanted in your butt cheek. The trial is they put the leads in (one on each side) which is implanted in the middle of your lower back/butt. You'll have wires coming out into an external box for about 2 weeks and if the Interstim has helped, you can go in for the final surgery, the implant itself. It's a great device.

    For me, no meds worked, and Interstim was my last resort. Thankfully it worked!! But do your research thoroughly on this, be sure this is what you want. Get the names and numbers of success and failure stories from your uro to weigh the positives and negatives, and do your research! If I can help anymore, you can PM me through the site, and another knowledgable lady who has had the Interstim for sometime now is Brat. I'm sure she'll be along shortly.

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      What kind of pain do you have? Is is bladder cramps from the bladder being full and then being empty? Or is it just flare pain? I had the cramps and it did help. It is not FDA approved for pain, but anyone with IC has frequency. My doctor has several studies that show that the implant does help with pain, but there is no guarantee. The thing to remember is that if it does not work during the trial, it isn't going to work. You will notice an extreme difference if it works.


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        Is it used for chronic pain? no interstim is not for pain

        trial interstim?
        trial is to see if the interstim works for frequency and urgency. stage trial is where they implant the wiires under you skin.
        Is it not implanted at that time? implant is where they implant the device. usually 2 weeks after the stage trial.
        is it near your tail bone? the device is implanted in your upper buttocks
        Have you tried dmso? thats an option, also hydro's is an option.
        keep us posted.
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          The Interstim is not for pain but the ANS nerve stim. is. I am getting one impanted soon. It has 2 leads instead of one. That is there web site. This is my Dr.s only hope to get me out of pain. He has put them in a lot of people & they work! He said you get relief w/ in 20 min. I hope it works for me.My Uro thinks it will work better for me than any other treatments like DMSo ect.Tou can email me if you like [email protected]


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            Amber, thank you so much for the info on ANS. I went to the link and found that my current pain dr. is on their physicians list. I will discuss this with him if I don't get some relief soon from the pain. He just did a nerve block yesterday and it hasn't seemed to help at all. My urologist has suggested a temperary interstim to help with the retention that my flare is causing. I am seeing him again today and I will bring up the possibility of ANS with him as well. I have retention right now but its largely in part to the heavy pain meds. (morphine) that I have to take for excrutiating pain. This ANS sounds like it might be an answer for me.

            When are you scheduled to have the procedure? Please post us to let us know how it went for you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for bringing this option to our attention.

            Rachel grouphug