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best of luck (with everything!)Tami

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  • best of luck (with everything!)Tami

    Hi Tami, Best of luck with your colonoscopy tommorow. I hope that you make it through the procedure and that you either don't flare from the stuff you have to drink before it (sounds like you know from experience, though) or that you'll have a chance to curl up with a heating pad and take good care of yourself afterwards. I also hope that BCBS calls you with good news asap (as if you don't have enough on your mind already!). Am hoping too that you have some folks around you trying to make everything else as stress-free as possible for you during the rest of the week. Finally, just in case BCBS gives you the green light and you don't have a chance to post before Mon.--best of luck with the trial! Sending you all my best wishes, little bear