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  • Trial on Feb. 15

    Ok, I was so desperate waiting for this procedure... truth is I am absolutly horrified. The interstim diary has helped so much. I have had so many surgeries, but I guess not personally knowing what is going to happen makes it nerve racking. Does anyone have any recommendations on preparing for this procedure? What is more comfortable to wear gowns, pj pants,??? What about undies, do they rub on wires??? Its funny how everyone refers to this time as true. Everyone is talking about how small interstim 2 is, my doc is using the original because he feels that it works significantly better. I trust him, but I am so scared of the size. Anyway, any suggestions on prep. will help. I am getting so nervous. Thanks.

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    I got me some jaammie pants, or wore shorts. I wrapped the wires up and cliped the box on the waist band. I never had any problems with things rubing, I simply taped the wires to me. I do have the orginal one, the one before this new model.
    Relax and try not to worry.. you will know by the 2nd or third day for sure if it is going to work or not. If you have kids make sure that there is someone to take care of them the day of surgery, and that night.. you will be a bit sore, but you will be ok..
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      I found that pants were easier to deal with, to clip the generator on. I soft mellow pillow is great for sitting in the car or in a chair with. undies didn't bother mine at all. I did have alot of trouble with fleece, it shocked me from the static it produced.


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        Hi there! Something else you might want to pick up for night time is a shirt with a pocket in the front, so you can clip the generator in the pocket so if it unclips when you move around while sleeping, it will still be in the pocket. I got one at Gap a couple days ago, for $16.99. It's a simple, lightweight, longsleeve hoodie with a pocket in the front. They had them in a few different colors.

        Also, Jen has noted that a shower chair and the shower head that you can remove and move around have both been really helpful for her.

        Obviously you want to go with what your doctor recommends, but if you are thin, the smaller generator might be better for you. From what I understand, the main difference is the length of time that the battery will's significantly longer with the larger unit.

        Good luck! I will be having my trial on the 16th, so we'll be in this together!!


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